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I offer the following services: garden design & landscaping, maintenance, planting plans, green-walls/roofs, as well as indoor planting & terrariums. I also do consultations, teaching days & and one-off gardening sessions.

Working in London I have had to opportunity to work on, and in some amazing gardens. I understand how a garden, no matter how big or small, can provide a respite from the chaos and be a source of joy for its owners. In addition, a garden isn’t just for summer, but should look good and perform year round, and I try to ensure there is always something to enjoy!



I have designed country style gardens, tiny sunken gardens, modern chic gardens, rooftop gardens and filled offices with plants, and am not afraid of tackling a new challenge.

I like to work with the client, and understand their level of gardening knowledge and how they want to be involved with their plants and landscape, and work with their ideas to make it beautiful to them, in the way they want.


I am incredibly fortunate to maintain some amazing gardens around London. The smallest is a tiny, modern, light-well patio, and the largest is 3 acres and a listed garden. I care for greenwalls and green-roofs, ferneries, massive herbaceous perennial borders, and everything in between.

I am known for my willing attitude, plant knowledge, and an almost obsessive trait of tidiness! I can work on my own, but do have a team when needed. We are always respectful, as quiet as possible, clean, and hard-working.

I understand how scary it can be to get started, or to get involved with your garden, and I’m here to hold your hand though the process if you want it, but am also fine if you want to stay hand off!

So, contact me for a chat and quote, and follow me on the site, or  ‘like’ me on Facebook /Twitter Google + please!



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About me:

I’m a gardener, landscaper & designer by trade and also an avid gardener of semi-hardy and exotic plants.

Born in Canada, I spent ages 7-14 sailing the world, and have visited 6 continents,  over 150 countries and colonies, and have an avid interest in the natural world, especially plants.

I have a degree in Fine arts (Painting & Sculpture), and a Degree in Design (Industrial and Online), and continue to paint, sculpt, and design websites and blog! on a regular basis.

I am interested in design, biology, botany, geology, technology, art, photography, archaeology, travel,  architecture, eco-design, and environment/energy use/resources to name a few!

My career so far includes:

  • Gardening & Design
  • Eco-industrial design
  • Product Development
  • Website Design
  • Marketing, SEO and Social Media
  • Buying & Merchandising
  • Toys and Gadgets

I have a degree in Fine Arts ( Painting and Sculpting) and another in Eco-Industrial Design

Please also see:

I’ve come into gardening via practical experience rather than through formal education, having grow plants since I was a child & travelled to most of the major plant eco-systems in the world. I’ve paid my dues! and learned my skills through 30 years or gardening for myself, through community gardening projects, and gardening work.


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